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De-Bug L1000


De-Bug L1000


NATO Part No: 2910-98-202-6290


NATO Part No: 2910-98-202-6290

Used by: Fishing boats, sports fishing boats, Cranes, Large Trucks and Buses, small ship engines or generators, fuel bowsers, large transport vehicles, some power plants and agricultural machinery

Fuel types: Diesel fuel, marine diesel, light oils and gas oil

Engine ratings: 250-675 +/- hp

Recommended Flow rate: Up to 1000 litres/hour

Flow direction with unit mounted: Left to Right and Right to Left *

Materials: Marine grade LM6 anti-corrosive aluminium alloy

Weight: 1.98 Kg

Size: 110mm diameter by 194 mm high by 114 mm wide

Port size: -10 SAE Thread

Operating Pressure: 50 psi

Installation: Two 10 mm bolts

* The alternate fuel flow direction of L1000 units enables it to be fitted back to back or in parallel, to accommodate larger fuel flows of 2000 litres an hour.