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Bruce Lewis

I recommend the installation of these units (Salt-Away Direct Injection Kit) to anyone with a launch…

Please find enclosed tap you kindly supplied with the Salt-Away injection unit I purchased late December ’07.

I fitted the unit prior to going away before Christmas by connecting the injection points directly into the base of the raw water impellors on the engines. The was the closest and most convenient point to the heat exchangers on the Volvo KAMD 42 engines.

As you know I used one Salt-Away injection unit and connected the engines via a “Y” junction and two valves. I then ran the engines up to temp following the installation and gave them a good dose of Salt-Away prior to leaving for Kawau and then on to the Barrier over the holidays.

The obvious difference in running temps when the engines are at cruise revs – around 3200 RPM is at least 5 deg cooler – about 180 deg, which is where they should ideally run given the water temps being around 23-24 deg at this time of year.

Needless to say, I am impressed and would certainly recommend the installation of these units to anyone with a launch.

I will call in and pick up another 4 litre pack next time I’m in Hamilton as with all the overnight stops we had during the trip, I am down to less than 2 litres left!

Thank you again for your technical assistance on this occasion.

Bruce Lewis