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Daryl Crimp

Rarely does a product come along that has me singing its praises… I wouldn’t be without it…

Rarely does a product come along that has me singing its praises with religious fervour, but since being introduced to Salt-Away over 18 months ago, I have to say I wouldn’t be without it. I am not known for fastidiousness when it comes to cleaning the boat and fishing gear, but with the help of Salt-Away I have the operation down to a very slick and stress-less procedure.

I have a 6.5m Osprey lock-up Hard Top, which is a bit of behemoth to clean so I have taken to using a water-blaster to speed up the operation and very effectively I might add. I put the Salt-Away in the water-blaster applicator and surprisingly; it is very economical on usage. I find it excellent at cleaning and protecting the galvanized trailer, and the water-blaster certainly ensures I get into every nook and cranny. Salt-Away also cleans and protect the brake system, the winch and the towing vehicle.

I buy the large 3.8litre container, which seems a little expensive at first, but Salt-Away is so concentrated it goes an extremely long way � there are a lot of washes per bottle.

Salt-Away a Saviour

Daryl Crimp