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Fishing Gear Maintenance Guide

Not only is Salt-Attack Salt Remover great at protecting your motor, boat and trailer but it is also perfect for protecting your fishing gear.

Use Salt-Attack Salt Remover to wash all your reels, rods, lures, pliers, life jackets and other equipment.

Salt-Attack Salt Remover Flush does not harm any part of your fishing equipment. That includes braid or monofilament lines, electric reels, even flylines. It is also safe to use on reels containing magnesium alloy, unlike other competitor products. It is safe on rubbers, plastic and metal. For washing your dive gear, please refer to Dive gear maintenance.

Reel Maintenance

(1) Drag Tightening

Depending on whether you’re fishing a star-drag, lever drag or a spinning reel, tighten the drag firmly before any maintenance. By compressing the drag washers, you are removing the chance of water lodging itself in between the drag plates. If water happens to get in to these areas, it can leave deposits on the washers and plates which can effect drag performance.

(2) Apply Salt-Attack

Once the drag is tight, it’s time to start cleaning. Spray the entire surface of the reel with Salt-Attack Salt Remover solution or wash in a bucket of Salt-Attack solution for a few seconds (5% Salt-Attack to 95% water, i.e 50mls per litre). Scrub the reel with a soft brush to remove grime. It’s a good idea to spay and clean the rod at the same time. Make sure to clean the roller tips and swivels.

(3) Do not rinse away Salt-Attack

Do not rinse the Salt-Attack off as it protects all surfaces, metals, rubbers and plastics, so just drain, shake and allow to dry.

(4) Back Off Drag

The next day once dried, it is very important to back off the drag. Leaving the drag up tight for an extended period of time will result in reduced performance – more often than not a high spot is created that will result in a surging feeling when fighting a fish. If this happens it’s time for a new drag.

(5) Lubricate

It’s time to add some lubrication – a very simple task. A simple rule to follow is that grease is for the gears; lubrication is for everything else. Lubricate handles, lube ports, clicker buttons, as well as any tension knobs – when in doubt lubricate it. Our PRO EPT lubricant protects your reel from salt corrosion and is completely safe on monofilament and braid lines. With spinning reels, keep all lubricants away from the exposed drag on top of the spool.

Always refer to your reels maintenance guide when carrying out maintenance. 

Cleaning Methods For All Other Fishing Equipment

Auto-Mix unit

  1. Fill Salt-Attack mixer cup unit with Salt-Attack Salt Remover.
  2. Connect garden hose to mixer and other end onto garden spray nozzle.
  3. Turn the mixer to ‘Salt-Attack’ and spray a light coating of Salt-Attack Salt Remover over these areas.

Spray bottle

If using a spray bottle mix 50ml of Salt- Salt-Attack Salt Remover concentrate per litre of water.

Washing in a bucket

Mix Salt-Attack Salt Remover at 15ml of concentrate per litre of water. ie. Mix 75ml in a 5-litre bucket of water.