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Protecting Your Boat & Trailer

After flushing your engine, use the remaining Salt-Attack Marine Salt Remover & Engine Flush concentrate within your Salt-Attack mixer, to clean your boat and trailer.

Steps to Washing Down

  1. Attach a garden spray nozzle to the end of the mixer.
  2. Turn the mixer to ‘rinse’ setting and give the boat and trailer a quick pre-rinse.
  3. Turn the mixer to ‘Salt-Attack’ and spray a light coating of Salt-Attack over all surfaces which have come in contact with salt spray – such as fibreglass, aluminium, carpet, upholstery, canvas, clears, rods, carbon fibre, reels and dive gear. Lightly scrub any areas that have road film and fish grime.
  4. Finally turn the mixer to ‘rinse’ and with a heavy spray rinse down all areas. For extra protection to metal surfaces turn mixer to ‘Salt-Attack’ and recoat all metal areas such as alloy boats, trailer and trailer brakes.

Salt-Attack Salt Remover & Engine Flush is safe on all metals, plastics and even wiring and electrical equipment.

Use Salt-Attack Salt Remover & Engine Flush to remove salt from your electric capstan, chain and rope.

Trailer Flushing
When spraying down your trailer with Salt-Attack Salt Remover & Engine Flush, don’t forget to hose down the mudguards, winch, springs and trailer brakes. It is very important you remember to flush out all the channels and rails on your trailer as this is where 80% of corrosion can be.

Salt-Attack Exsalt Trailer Brake Flushing Kit
Flushing your trailer brakes and suspension components is even easier and more effective with our Salt-Attack – Exsalt Brake Flushing Kit. Simply connect the mixer to our Exsalt kit to flush away the salt and grime from your brakes and suspension components. Salt-Attack will not harm your brake pads, or any part of the braking system. Leave Salt-Attack inside the braking system to inhibit rusting and other corrosion.