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The Power of Salt Attack Salt Remover

Staying on top of maintenance for the boat and all your adjunct equipment can be tricky if you don’t have the right gear in your kit.

Most boaties know that salt damage can quickly add up to cost and stress and lead to ongoing corrosion issues. But what if there was an easy way to offset all of this bother so you can keep enjoying your time on the brine? One that kept the salt away without scratching at paint, adding toxicity into the waterways, or wearing off just a few minutes after use?

Enter our Salt Attack remover, a product that doubles as an engine flusher and all-surface washdown. Take a tour of this revolutionary formula to learn about how it protects your equipment.

The Salt Attack Formula

At Salt Attack AU, we love what we do, so putting in the years of testing and trying necessary to develop our Salt Attack formula was a labour of love. The end result is a powerful salt-removing solution featuring core ingredient components, including:

Bio-Based Surfactants

The Salt Attack formula contains bio-based surfactants that convey a few benefits. Namely, these surfactants help the remover go on smoothly and wipe away clean while minimising toxicity. As per the ‘bio’ in their name, these surfactants will also biodegrade after use for a fully sustainable product.

Chelating Agents

In chemical terms, a chelating agent is a molecule that has two or more ‘donor’ sites that can attach to various materials, making them easier to remove. At Salt Attack, we use a specialised chelating agent that attaches to sodium chloride (salt), making it easy to remove with a rinse.

These agents are what make Salt Attack so potently effective at the chemical level without introducing toxicity into the water or onto your gear..

Corrosion Inhibitors

Featuring advanced corrosion inhibitors and glycol anti-freeze, Salt Attack is primed to protect many different kinds of metal from rust and corrosion. This is especially ideal when it comes to flushing your engines, as antifreeze contains anti-corrosive elements that will prevent your metallic surfaces from degrading.

Salt Attack is highly concentrated and extremely effective on all surfaces. Thanks to our rigorous batch-testing process, you can use this remover on all surfaces without worrying about stripping or damaging them in any way. The formulation is also non-toxic and biodegradable, helping to keep the oceans clean and your health top-tier.

We’re proud to offer this salt-removing solution to our customers, as it’s unlike anything else on the market today.

Unique Benefits of Salt Attack Salt Remover

Fast-Acting Salt Removal

The Salt Attack remover formula is designed to eliminate tension between your surfaces and any salt spray, making residual salt crystals a breeze to remove. While many other solutions can result in scratches to your paintwork from the crystals, we wanted to design a solution that keeps your belongings in pristine condition.

Long-Term Corrosion Protection

Protecting your belongings from salt spray is about more than giving them a good scrub. Much like wax on a car, long-term protection plays a big role in the equation. As we reviewed above, Salt Attack contains corrosion inhibitors that bind to salt molecules as they land on surfaces, making them easy to remove with a quick rinse.

Our formula’s anti-freeze component also protects your metallic surfaces, including hard-to-reach spots in the engine.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability is more important than ever, especially if we want to keep enjoying beautiful days on the ocean. That’s why we’ve prioritised creating a sustainable salt remover solution. With biodegradable and non-toxic compounds in the formula, we’re proud to say that Salt Attack is the environmentally friendly choice for salt removal.

Versatile Salt Protection: Applications for Salt Attack

Routine Maintenance

After a day on the water, give your surfaces a quick rinse with a diluted Salt Attack solution to keep them looking pristine. If salt spray is allowed to dry on these surfaces, it will crystallise. This means you run the risk of scratching your paint or encouraging corrosion in the long term.

Engine Flushing

Salt Attack can be used for both cool and hot flushing to keep your engine running smoothly. The unique formula helps break down any salt that has accumulated in your system in less than a minute.

Severe Salt Issues

Occasionally, we all come across severe salt blockages in our time on the sea. Don’t worry. Repeatedly flushing your engine for between 3 and 5 days in a row should clear the blockage and protect your engine with its anti-corrosive properties.

You can also use Salt Attack as part of your winter storage routine or use it to cool an overheating engine while safely cleansing the accumulation of any salt.

With Salt Attack’s industry-leading formula and versatility, this is the ultimate product to have in your boat care kit. Keep enjoying those beautiful days on the water for years to come with Salt Attack remover on your side.

Salt Attack works hard, so you don’t have to.

Experience the Difference with Salt-Attack. Take action now and make your marine equipment last longer with Salt-Attack solutions.

If you have any questions about Salt Attack or its usage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team.